Allied Health

Assessing and treating all aspects of health to restore, manage, and maintain your wellbeing!

At Scottvale Health Club we have a close-knit team of exercise physiologists, occupational therapists, and allied health assistants. Together we promote individual and family health as we work collaboratively with one another. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to best treat all health concerns while prioritising client autonomy. We work closely with several health schemes including NDIS, DVA, Workcover, Medicare, and private health insurance. 

Our services are tailored to you!

We strive to accommodate everyone who comes to see us through our allied health services, which include:

  • Tailored home exercise programs

  • General and specialised health assessments

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Tailored supervised exercise therapy sessions

  • Virtual Reality facilities

  • Schoolies NDIS program

Start your fitness or
recovery journey today!

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