About Our Club

Who we are

Scottvale Health Club was initially founded when Dee and Mick Steffen purchased the Scottvale Park Squash Centre facilities, which had serviced the Rockhampton community since 1977.

Originally, it was utilised solely for the squash community, but as our family grew, so did our services. Our daughter, Elisha Christensen brought her allied health services to our facilities in 2018 to further care for our community. Riley Steffen, our youngest, has been a professional squash player for the past couple of years and uses his skills to further develop the game and other players.

Together we’ve created a large, but close-knit family community. We use our passion for health to educate and provide care for the community we grew up in. It’s our way of giving back!

Our family mission is to bring our community together through creative exercise and movement! As your local health hub, we aim to create a generational movement. Where every body counts, from the young to the older. We’re here for everyone. We focus on bringing families together as they access our various health services for individual needs, but together time.

Meet Our Team

Mick & Dee

Mick and Dee run our team. They manage everything from squash fixtures, to keeping our facilities running at top quality. They’re professionals in squash and sports coaching, with Dee holding qualifications in disability support. The original Rocky larakin, Mick works hard to keep our place up and running, with Dee ensuring he’s doing it right.


Elisha manages our allied health services. She’s a qualified Exercise Physiologist who has a background in education. She strives to address any, and all health concerns you hold as she puts a fun new spin on exercise. Her hubby Nathan and kids are always running around causing some mischief, but that’s why we love them!


Riley’s our budding Exercise Physiologist! He works hard to update his already extensive knowledge of sport and the human body. Always in competition with himself and others, he’s determined to teach and coach at a high level of care.

Start feeling healthier, stronger and happier!

Scottvale Health Club was initially founded by Dee and Mick Steffen, and later joined by their children, Elisha Christensen, and Riley Steffen. As a family we’ve created a space where you can come for all your health and fitness needs. We strive to provide access and inclusion through our passion to engage with all members of the Rockhampton community.

Our multidisciplinary services include:

  • All squash services, from court hire to competition

  • General exercise and fitness services

  • Exercise Physiology

  • Hydrotherapy services

  • Occupational Therapy

We’re passionate about all areas including Allied Health

We’re passionate about all areas of health and fitness, so we have specialised health professionals that can assess, treat, and maintain any of your health concerns. We have a strong background in working with all health funding schemes including NDIS, DVA, Medicare, Workcover, private insurance, and seniors’ health.

We understand that each stage in life has unique concerns, and we aim to address them all.

We specialise in:

  • Chronic disease management including diabetes, arthritis, obesity, and heart disease
  • Chronic pain and musculoskeletal conditions/injuries
  • Neurological conditions including Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and Parkinson’s disease
  • Mental health
  • Children’s health and development
  • Seniors’ health and fitness

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